Major General Mohamed Ali Samatar dead In America and His Biography

Former Somali politician Figure and Prime Minister passed away in United States on last Friday night at Virginia hospital where a recent day was sick.

He held various positions in his time and returned to Vice President, Prime Minister, and Minister of Defense, at 25 years ago in the state of revolution. Mohamed ali samatar’s families told that the illness was victim and he died in Virginia in the United States .

He was politician and Lieutenant General a senior member of the Supreme Revolutionary Council On Mohammed siyad Bare Government he also served as the Prime Minister of Somalia from 1 February 1987 to 3 September 1990.

Allah Bless him he was born yoontooy city Near kismayo Town at 1931 and he bread on country side and grow up Several Different Cities such as Yoontooy, Goobweyn Warkoy And Kismayo.

He was toughed the Quran and His Education Finished at 17 years Old and become translator Italian farmers and Somali employees.

At 1948 joined Somali Union Teenagers called S.Y.L and take important role for the illegal Movement Colony where he was pioneer protests happened South in Somalia

In 1949 Transferred Mogadishu which is Somali Capital, in November 1949 become member Soldieries those designed to calm down Especially part of half shells.

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