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Simba Profile

Simba media Center Has a Radio –simba radio, FM Radio Based in Mogadishu which is broadcast From  Elenos Fm 95:00MHZ and it’s signal goes out in the Following districts of Somalia including:  Brava,  Marka, Afgooye  wanla wein,  Bur-hakaba Elma’an and Lego.

    Simba Radio works with the Standard of the accepted Coded of Journalism  ethics  of accuracy , impartiality and responsibility

     Simba Radio, Radio of Launched and broadcasted officially on July, 8,2006 and Now has the confidence and popularity among the Public

    Simba Radio disseminates information among the Public , raises awareness in the Community, Tries  to Reduce  hate Speech through Radio talk shows, Promote  Peace building Culture For peace and Promotes poverty eradication Programs , Fighting against HIV/AIDS ,FGM , reconciliation and peace in Somalia.

Regions we Cover: Banaadir, and around Area


Our role is to enable the Public To Make Well-informed By delivering news which is accurate and impartial

Providing reliable Information to the Public which requires additional journalism skills which professionalism adopting accepted standard of accuracy , impartiality and responsibility , to remove personal value and pais

In our reporting we are supposed to be color-blind, which culture and race have no influence, we rely on divers

Our main objectives include:-

  • Respecting the Truth and the Right of the People to know the truth.
  • Reporting the Facts that we Know where originally come From
  • Doing utmost to Correct in accurate dissemination


 In addition to educating entertaining and informing, the organizer of Simba Media Center mostly independent Somali intellectuals set up and supported peace and efforts and undertook initiatives to counter hate Media by creating system of dissemination and undertook Media campaigns about Peace build and supporting reconciliation in Somalia by displaying audio programs on the current issues in the country

Contact Person:

Tell: 00252615591829 or +252622200300 or +252699965655