Somalian Parliament Votes To Set A Committee On Qalbi Dhagax Issue.

Somali’s MPs on Wednesday voted to set a committee investigation the illegal handover against Abdikarim Sheikh Muse Qalbi Dhagax to Ethiopia.

Lower House of Parliament was in session debated the recent handover of ONLF official to Ethiopia and 175 of 275 MPs are come together, after Somali parliament supposes to discuss their Citizen.

Some Mps told that they want to travel him on his soil and to cut ties the relationship between Somalia with Ethiopia, others mentioned to remove ONLF the terrorist organization list which Somali Council of Ministers says ONLF commander extradited to Ethiopia was a terrorist.

27 august, 2017 Somali authorities have handed over to Ethiopia the senior, which is fighting for the secession of Ogaden from Ethiopia, the group said.

Abdikarin Sheikh Muse, an executive committee member who lived in the Somali capital Mogadishu, was detained by security in Galkayo in Somalia’s semi-autonomous Galmudug state on August 23, the ONLF said in a statement.

Quoting sources close to the Somali cabinet, it said the Somali government had “forcefully” handed over Abdikarin Sheikh Muse to Ethiopia without his consent in violation of U.N. convention relating to the status of refugees.

By: Abdiaziz Hassan Ibrahim (Loyal)

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