Dalxiisayaal ku dhintay Xeebta British Columbia ee dalka Canada + Sawiro

Ugu Yaraan 5-qof ayaa dhimatay Halka kuwa kale ay ku dhaawacmeen kadib markii ay quustay dooni siday 27-qof oo dalxiisayaal ah

Doonidaan ayaa ku Quustay xeebta British Columbia oo Galbeedka dalka Canada waxaana ku dhintay dad Gaaraya 5-ruux Halka 18-kalana ay ku dhaawacmeen sida ay xaqiijiyeen laamaha caafimaadka dalka  Canada

Dadkii ku dhaawacmay shilka doonida ayaa la geeyay isbitaalada dalka Canada si loogu dabiibo dhaawacyada kasoo Gaaray quusida doonida galinkii dambe ee shalay ku quustay xeebta British Columbia ee dalka Canada

Halkaan ka Daawo Sawirada

The Leviathan II which sank near Tofino today

The whale watching craft was pictured capsized, thought it is not known how it sank

It is not known how the vessel sank, though rescue workers say they found the upturned craft in an area known as Plover Reefs, which locals suggested has strong tidal surges which can pull craft on to the rocks

Rescue teams were continuing their search last night, as five passengers remain unaccounted for (pictured, rescue teams in Tofino)

The Leviathan II (pictured) is a 65-foot covered boat with inside heated seating that can carry up to 46 people, according to the Jamie’s Whaling websiteAuthorities say a search party was launched at around 4pm after receiving a distress call from the boat, though it is not yet known exactly why the vessel sankAccording to locals, dozens of boats from across the island rushed to the scene to help, with multiple smaller vessels making repeated trips back and forth to shore Rescue workers continued hunting for survivors through yesterday night, as five people still remain unaccounted forTwo of the survivors have already been flown out of Tofino to another hospital, as the center there only has 10 acute care beds and is not equipped for a tragedy on this scaleThe Leviathan II launched from Tofino on a whale watching venture this afternoon, and is believed to have sailed eight miles to Plover Reefs, west of Vargas Island, where it sank


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