The Court Of Somalia Armed Forces Sentences Four Al-Shabaab Militants

The court of Somalia Army force has to day on Tuesday sentenced four men,who were accused of being terrorists and behind several explosions occurred in Mogadishu.

During the hearing, Prosecutors of the court presented evidence showing that they have committed acts of terrorism, including involvement of  several bomb explosions hit the busiest road of Makah Al-Mukaramah and other parts in the capital city of Mogadishu.

Abdukadir Abokar Shair who was accused of serving for Alshabaab as the intelligence agent,sentenced to death, and he is also behind providing information on target positions in part of Mogadishu, such as different public restaurants located the opposite of Wehliye,Makah-Almukaramah Hotels, and Ministry of Sport and Youths, those left many people died.

Prosecutors told that Mohamed Omar Akila was responsible of buying vehicles used to carry out explosions and ambushes and he faces 10 years in jail.

The third person named Da’ud Mohamed Ali, was the idea of spreading group’s propaganda and paying fees to the members, Da’ud is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Lastly the court ordered Abdullahi Ibrahim Gesey who was working with the other three men, to be detained for 2 years.

The Chairman of the first instant court Col.Hassan Ali Nor (Shute) has announced the decision of the court, and mentioned that an appeal could take place if it is necessary.


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