Support Amisom ‘to defeat’ al Shabaab

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged the European Union to provide more support to Amisom.

He opened the 32nd African Carribean Pacific-European Union Joint Parliamentary Assembly session at the KICC yesterday.

Uhuru said al Shabaab is a threat to global and regional stability and that is why it is important for the world to support the African Union Mission in Somalia.

He urged the EU to increase its support to the forces fighting the terror group, which threatens to undermine governance and economic growth in the region.

“More can be achieved if Amisom is effective because the fight against al Shabaab affects stability,” Uhuru said.

The President said global peace will be fostered when the most vulnerable, who are Africa’s youngest and Europe’s older populations, are empowered.

He said today’s global conditions are unfavourable to the developing world, including Africa.

The President urged the conference attendants to ensure global trade rules favour developing countries. “Increased investment in developing countries will create jobs for youth and generate revenue to empower the vulnerable,” Uhuru said.

He said as long as the present economic and geopolitical conditions apply, Africans will continue to drown in the Mediterranean Sea as they desperately seek opportunities in the West.

Uhuru said Africa will continue being the source of global economic growth because of its resilient growth, a youthful population and the highest yields on investment.

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