Somali Security Forces nab 2 with Explosives in Southern Region

Security forces in southern Somalia’s Jubaland region on Sunday arrested two suspects with explosive devices, authorities said.

Luq district commissioner Mohamed Hussein Osman told journalists that the two were arrested following a security operation in the area.

“We have arrested two people in possession of explosive devices after a successful security sweep by our forces,” said Osman. “Three others are on the run and our forces are in hot pursuit for them,” he added.

Osman said the men were suspected of planning attacks on government buildings in the southern coastal city. Terror group Al-Shabaab has previously attacked government positions in Jubaland before.

Meanwhile residents in Basra location in Middle Shabelle state said Sunday several military strikes hit the town. Residents told the local media there were several aerial bombardments early Sunday.

The attack follows a clash between Somali National Army (SNA) and Al-Shabaab four days ago. SNA said it killed three Al-Shabaab fighters.

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