Somali President Urges Fractured Nation To Unite

Somalia’s president is urging the long-fractured nation to “unite as politicians and public” to fight the extremist group al-Shabab after the country’s deadliest attack.

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed spoke to thousands who marched through Mogadishu and rallied at a city stadium.

Saturday’s massive truck bombing killed more than 300 people and wounded close to 400. Scores are said to remain missing.

Mohamed says they were “unfairly massacred.” He announced a new task force “tasked with the protection of the people, and I shall be the first one to enlist and head to the front lines. We have to stand firm in defending our country.”

Thousands of protesters have gathered at a stadium in Somalia’s capital in a show of defiance after the country’s deadliest attack killed more than 300.

The protesters chanted slogans against the extremist group al-Shabab, which Somalia’s government blames for the attack.

Mogadishu’s mayor urged the crowd to “liberate our country from al-Shabab, so that such tragedies won’t happen again.”

Nearly 400 people were wounded. Scores remain missing.

Large people were seen streaming to main key roads in the capital and business centers are almost closed for the protests on so far.

Minister of Information of Somalia, Abdirahman Omar Osman urged demonstrators to hold their rallies in peace and calm.

Edited by: Abdiaziz Hassan Ibrahim (Loyal)

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