Somali Parliament Approves Member Of Independent Commission For Constitutional Review

Somalia is preparing to hold one man one vote presidential election in 2020 for the first time since independent in 1960.

Consultative meetings over review and completion of counter’s draft constitution are under-way throughout the country,which is the back born of holding general elections in the country.

This work plan is led by the ministry of constitutional affairs in co-operation with international partners, Somalia civil Society and Federal member states,in order to collect advice and ideas  on the constitutional process.

Alongside, there is an independent commission for constitutional review and implementation, which is supposed to participate finalization of constitution and present to the people of Somalia for inclusive approval.

Somali’s House of Representatives have today on Monday approved Ex-Parliamentarian Mumina Sheikh Omar as member of independent commission for constitutional review and implementation.

Miss. Mumina Sheikh Omar is set to be moved to the upper house for approval on their side, after that she will be full member of the commission. The country has recently had a New upper House for the first time ever, and there is  dynamic cooperation between two houses working as single parliament.

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