NUSOJ And Journalist Members Attend The Burrial Of Murdered Somali Journalist

Relatives, journalist colleagues and friends attended on Tuesday morning 12 December,2017 the funeral of Somali journalist killed yesterday (Sunday) evening in Mogadishu ,the capital city of Somalia .

The body of the dead journalist Mohamed Ibrahim Gaabow was carried in coffins from a mortuary to prayers where Mohamed’s close relatives broke down in tears and wailed in distress.

The late Mohamed was burried in Barakaat Cemetery northern outskirts of Mogadishu where he was prayed for mercy and Allah to reward Jannah.

Mohamed a 28 years old joined to Kalsan TV in late 2016 after returning from Kampala Uganda where he did his master degree. He became an active journalist who used cover all aspects of life, war and politics, developing a reputation as a versatile presenter with an eye for unexpected stories.

Abdulkadir Mohamed Hassan is another TV journalist who lived with Mohamed Ibrahim Gaabow in a same house said “ We live togther in a same house and he left at that time our house and went to town minutes before he was being exploded while my two children Sihaam ,3 year old daughter and Sakariye 2 were sitting back seat of his car’ when the bom went off ,my colleague Mohamed injured badly and died but the two children luckily were unhurt ,the windows of the car were locked so some people helped to be rescued from the burning vehicle “ Abdukadir told NUSOJ .

Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu the Secretary General of National Union of Somali Journalists paid tribute to a TV presenter who was “clever, informed, stylish.

“ Today were here to bury another journalist colleague and we are quite sorry that attacking and killing journalists still continue ,this is an acceptable ,we want the impunity crimes against journalists in Somalia to be ended” Moalimuu said

Mohamed is the fifth journalist killed in 2017 ,

Abdullahi Osman Moallin – Juballand TV- journalist injured in Beledweyne suicide attack on 10 Sept,2017 died for the injuries in Mogadishu

Ali Nur Siyad – Freelance Camera man – and Abdullahi Osman Farah from Goobjoog radio were both among civilians killed in the deadly Zoobe explosion on 14 Oc,2017.

Jacfar Ali Daacad – Dayah Radio in Afgoye – was killed in cross fire between Alshabaab and AMISOM in Arbiska near Afgoye on October 25,2017 .

Finally NUSOJ calls ob Somalia’s federal government must now make good on its promises and take immediate steps to increase protection for journalists and to end this climate of fear and the threat of impunity that exists. If they do no act then more journalists will lose their lives.

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