KDF raid Al-Shabaab bases, kill 31 terrorists

Kenyan soldiers have killed 31 Al-Shabaab terrorists after raiding their base in Baadhade, Somalia.

Eleven AK-47 rifles, four improvised explosives, communication equipment, food and military uniforms were seized.

Also seized at the bases used as command and logistics centres in Jubbaland district were 634 bullets and two anti-tank machine guns, military spokesman Joseph Owuoth has confirmed.

The raids on Sunday were carried out by ground troops supported by helicopter gunships.

“Following the operation, other Al-Shabaab fighters fled with injuries. Two Al-Shabaab vehicles were destroyed,” said Col Owouth.

“The intelligence-led operation was executed by air and ground assets. Ground troops were supported by attack helicopters and artillery fire to access the bases 17 kilometres from Sarira near Hola Wajeer,” added Col Owouth.

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