High-Level Meeting On Somali Security Opened In Mogadishu

The second phase of London conference on Somalia has been opened in Somalia Capital Mogadishu,by the president of Somalia Federal Government H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo today on Monday.

This high-level meeting is being discussed a comprehensive approach to security in the country, as a follow-up to the London Conference on Somalia, held in May this year.

Representatives of the Federal Government and Federal member states, the AU, UN, European Union and other international partners have attended the meeting.

The agenda is focusing the implementation of the National Security Architecture plan, which is central to achieving sustainable security reform and a transition of primary responsibility of security from AMISOM to Somali security forces, and Also financing of the Somali security sector and the next steps on AMISOM’s transition.

His opening remarks of the meeting, H.E Mohamed Abdullahai Farmajo highlighted the importance of building National Army Forces,enhancing their capacity and equipment and also strengthening fighting against Al-shabaab terrorist in part of the country.

The president of Somalia Federal republic Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo mentioned that his movement made progress in various sectors so far, as a follow-up to the London Conference on Somalia.

Somalia Federal Government presents critical in reviewing progress made so far, in the security and political fronts, in Somalia.

The success is measured in terms of what important decisions will be taken to enable AMISOM undertake effective, robust operations against Al Shabaab, to enable AMISOM to be able to be implement the new mandate that was given to it through the security council resolution to  allow us to be able to carry out mop up operations against Al-Shabaab, secure main supply, protect population centers, mentor the Somali forces that are available to us, and establish effectively to empower them to be able to take over from us.

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