Galmudug Leader and AMISOM Mission Discuses Security:

The Regional president of Galmudug Administration Ahme Du’ale Gelle have met with in Mogadishu capital the African union Special Representative for Somalia Ambassador Francisco Caetano Jose Madeira , the Commander of the AMISOM Forces General  Osman Nour Soubagleh and other officials.

The meeting was discussed security issues in Galmudug areas and way to defeat Al shabaab fighters during this year of 2017, it also focused on securing areas of central regional’s of Somalia those come under Galmudug administration.

Galmudug President Ahmed Du’ale has urged AMISOM leaders to carry-out fighting against Al shabaab and to support Galmudug security for professionally training.

The points discussed also include droughts effects Galmudug towns as Al shabaab militants have imposed a ban on humanitarian assistance in areas they control.

Written by: Abdiaziz Hassan Ibrahim


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