Dhusamareb Town Hosts Federal and Regional Of Somali Leaders

Dhusamareb town, the capital of Galgudud region in central Somalia is currently hosting higher ranking officials from the Federal Government and Regional States in Somalia to witness the implementation of key agreement between Galmudug State sides.

President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo together with a large delegation are in the town at moment. Mogadishu Mayor and Governor of Benadir Regional Administration, Thabit Abdi Mohamed went there on Monday joining them.

Puntland State President, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, Hirshabelle State President, Mohamed Abdi Ware and Southwest State President, Sharif Hasan Sh. Aden went there in Dhusamareb town in the last 24 hours.

Diplomats from the International Community, and scholars in the region are expected to take part the ceremony for the implementation of the agreed Galmudug State parts(Ahlu-Suna & Galmudug State) tomorrow on Thursday.

President Farmajo paid a historic visit to a major towns in Puntland State that lasted about a week and half. He visited Adado town, the interim administrative capital of Galmudug State and he also expected to visit another major towns in the region.

Officials and People in Dhusamareb town are committed and prepared to welcome all Federal, regional leaders and other officials and people streaming to the town according to SONNA reporters based in the region.

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