Al Shabaab Shot Dead Ali Nur Shute In Mogadishu.

Al-Shabab claimed the responsibility of Colonel Hassan Ali Nur Shute,’s father who is the chairman of the Somali military court.

The late father Ali Nur Shute was killed in near Bo’le Market in dharkenley district by two men armed with pistols.

Somali security minister spokesman Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim Known as(Xildhibaan) who spoke Radio Simba in Muqdisho  said investigations against the killers is under go and vowed to revenge the hostilities against the society and governmental official.

Shute was shot several times in the head and chest and sustained critical wounds during the shooting. He has been immediately rushed to hospital but pronounced dead before arrival.

The killers escape the scene before the arrival of Police authorities who launched an investigation and manhunt mission in the crime area, but no arrest has been reported.

By: Abdiaziz Hassan Ibrahim (Loyal)

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