Al-Shabaab  Burn Lorries Carrying Merchandise

The terrorist Group of Al-shabaab in Somalia has burnt trucks carrying merchandise in Hiran region Central Somalia, on Sunday night.

Residents told to Somalia National News Agency, that AL-shabaab militias burnt 6 Lorries loaded with merchandise from Baladweyne the City of Hiraan region, heading to Bay,Bakool regions in Southwest and Neighborhood of Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, 4 Al-shabaab militias have been killed in Clashes between Al-shabaab militants and residents, following the burning of Lorries by Al-shabaab, those were carrying different types merchandise for local traders.

Somalia National Army Forces with battle wagons have launched military operations at the areas of (Maroodiile) resident, some 25 KM from The town of Baladweyne, whereby Al-shabaab burned the trucks.

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